New Pre / Post Natal Series Starting May 5th!

Apr 22, 2015 / Pilates

Whether you’re pregnant or have recently become a new mother, staying active pre and post pregnancy is so important for your overall health, having been proven to help ease labour and recovery.

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Find Your Running Form

Mar 17, 2015 / Pilates

With The Vancouver Sun Run, BMO Marathon, Scotia Bank Half and Seawheeze coming up over the next few months, many Vancouverites have hit the pavement in an effort to get ready for the big race day. However, often it’s these last few weeks that many experience injury, especially after vigorous training schedules that emphasize kilometres, ...

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Have You Tried the Pilates Reformer? 5 Reasons Why You Should!  

Dec 3, 2014 / Pilates, Pilates Reformer

I know that Remembrance Day was a couple of weeks ago now, but this blog is still inspired by that day of reflection. Most of us know that a man named Joseph Pilates created Pilates, however not many people know the reason why Joe created it in the first place. I always giggle to myself ...

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How Pilates and Yoga can Help with Arthritis

Jun 9, 2014 / Pilates, Yoga

Recent studies and articles indicate that Yoga and Pilates can help arthritis sufferers take back their lives. Yoga and Pilates for Arthritis is very similar to the yoga or Pilates exercises performed by those without arthritis. The elongating, strengthening, and low impact movement involved in these practices benefit people living with both Osteo Arthritis and Rheumatoid ...

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