Form Body Lab owner Jessica Slonski has been asked to join a roster of ambassadors for Nordstrom’s in-house athletic apparel line, Zella.

Zella Pro Ambassadors are expert instructors and leaders in their respective fitness fields, who share their passion for wellness and the Zella brand with their communities. We sat down and chatted with Jess about the partnership and what she likes about being a Zella ambassador:

How does what you wear inspire the way you live and work?

I think that being a movement teacher is about more than just giving instruction on how to move this way or that. It’s about inspiring people to love the body they live in and helping them get to a place of happiness. It’s just as much in your attitude and spirt as it is in the physical body, in fact I don’t think you can have one without the other. I try to inspire joy around the studio and to wear a lot of bright, fun colours and patterns that help me feel uplifted and hopefully project that onto others as well. Plus, when I’m comfortable I can focus on teaching and on the student(s) rather than fussing with my outfit—that’s the last thing that should be on my mind!

What do you like about the Zella ambassador program and why is this a partnership you’re excited about?

I love the message: to be strong, fit and healthy, as opposed to being about beauty and about being skinny. I love that it’s about inspiring people to come together, to celebrate individuality. These are all healthy messages for women, and I’m a huge endorser of that!

What are you go-to Zella products at the moment?

Oooh, I honestly love it all but my daily uniform is cropped leggings and a loose fit tank! Currently, I love the Sweetheart Strap Neck Sport Bra, the Crop Muscle Tank and a fun pair of Live In crop leggings!

We’re so excited to have Jess join this amazing community of Zella leaders across North America. Stay tuned for more information on exciting Zella partnership news and events coming this fall!