We are currently looking to expand our front of house team and are doing so in two ways:

  1. Part-time receptionist. We are looking for a bright star to be a shining face at our front desk on a part time but regular basis. Read the job description here.
  1. Our Energy Exchange program is now open! We are looking for dedicated volunteers to help with occasional reception duties and general studio up-keep in exchange for classes! How it works: We are looking to schedule someone for a 4 hour shift in exchange for one equipment class or a 2 hour shift in exchange for one mat Pilates or yoga class. Classes to be taken on the same day as volunteer shift. Please send your resume and why you are interested to info@formbodylab.com with the subject line ‘Energy Exchange’.

We are looking forward to hearing from all of you, however due to time constraints only those selected for interview will be contacted.