Got a pain in the neck? You’re not alone. Neck tension and pain affects millions of Canadians as one of the top five most common types of chronic pain. We can help!


While it can be caused by a number of underlying conditions with the muscles, nerves or bones, chronic neck pain (CNP) is often the result of long days in the office slouched in front of the computer, poor technique in the gym or quite simply waking up with a kink in your neck.

Common treatments for neck pain include massage therapy, physiotherapy and medication; however, A RECENT STUDY proves the success of Pilates and yoga practice coupled with supervision from a Physiotherapist as an integrative treatment for CNP. The study tracked 56 CNP sufferers over a 3-month period while they completed a series of 12 small-group sessions with progressive modifications determined by a clinical Physiotherapist. Results found that both neck pain and associated disability decreased significantly due to the incorporation of Pilates and yoga practice into individual treatment plans.

At Form Body Lab, our physiotherapists, registered massage therapists, and clinical Pilates and yoga instructors work together to ensure a holistic approach to your treatment and recovery. We work under one roof to strategize and collaborate on your progress and treatment, and stay in regular communication regarding any developments or insights to your rehabilitation plan.

In addition to being an effective addition to the treatment for neck pain, Clinical Pilates is also covered by many health plans. To learn more about our holistic, comprehensive approach, please visit OUR WEBSITE or CONTACT US for more information.