It’s hard to believe three years have gone by since the opening of FORM Body Lab!  

It’s been a bit of a whirlwind while we created our incredible studio environment, built great programs and classes and assembled our amazing team of professionals. As we did this we strived to keep our prices steady despite regular annual increases in our operating costs. However, the time has come to increase our rates slightly to account for this. As this is the first time we’ve increase our rates, we understand if you have any questions or concerns. Please contact our reception team any time for further information. 

New pricing will come into effect on December 15th, so make sure to book your next class package soon to save on our old rates while they are still available! Click here to purchase your package.

Full rate details will be available and up on our rates page by December 1st, and available for online purchasing December 15th. 

Please note: Memberships pricing will also be updated, however, all current memberships will be honoured for the duration of the original term (52 weeks unless cancelled by the client). If you have questions about your expiry date, please do not hesitate to ask our reception team for more information!