Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and with every tweet, magazine, and storefront toting red hearts and romance we hardly bet you needed the reminder. Although February 14th is thought to be a “couples holiday”, we don’t think it has to be solely about celebrating the love for your partner. It can also be about the love you have for yourself.


Practice self love this Valentine's Day

We’re talking about self-love. This is when you make your own well-being and happiness a priority. Often this idea gets confused with arrogance or selfishness, but it’s actually quite the opposite. It means taking care of yourself, showing self-respect, and staying attuned to your intuition. So this Valentine’s Day we’re urging you to celebrate all of the reasons why you’re awesome! Here are a few ways to reinvent the day of love:

1. Make a list. Why is it that we’re the first to highlight our weaknesses, but the last to acknowledge our strengths? On Valentine’s Day, write down all of the things you love about yourself. Include everything from physical to emotional attributes, and keep it in safe place. This way whenever you’re feeling low, you can refer to the list as a reminder to show yourself more compassion.

2. Get moving! There’s truth to the saying, “your body is your temple”. People who make time to workout, eat healthy, and stay active value their bodies. Plus exercise releases endorphins, the hormone that’s responsible for making you feel happy. So every Pilates class, run, or gym session you do, you’re giving yourself an extra boost of self love. And it just so happens that we’re open on Valentine’s Day! To sign-up for a class, visit

3. Clean out your closet. Get a head start on Spring cleaning and rid of all the of unwanted items in your life. Think of it like a ceremony where you rid of the clutter and start fresh.

4. Treat yo’self! Whether it’s a new outfit, a facial, or that enticing bakery you walk by every day (like Sweet Bake Shop a few blocks from our studio!), give yourself a gift. You deserve it!



Whether you’re solo or attached, spend Valentine’s Day celebrating what an amazing person you are. Hopefully this will guide you to practice more kindness and compassion with yourself, and remind you to apply this confidence in every aspect of your life. So #transFORM the way you think about February 14th! After all, what’s not to love?

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Photo Credits: weheartit, Sweet Bake Shop’s Facebook page