Physiotherapy Neck Pain

“It’s nothing.”
“I’m fine.”

These two phrases are common lies we tell others and ourselves daily. Living with pain is becoming increasingly common. Many people don’t realize that their body is telling them there is something wrong because we’re so conditioned to ignore it or we’re too busy to listen. But why live in pain when there is help available? If you’re asking yourself, “Do I need Physiotherapy?”, you probably do. Here are some signs you’re ignoring that mean you need Physiotherapy.

1. Tingling SensationsDo I need Physiotherapy?

If you are experiencing tingling sensations, like pins and needles, it could mean a problem with your nerves. Physiotherapists are trained in neurological systems and can help with nerve issues.

2. Lingering Pain

You’ve hurt yourself and treated with ice or heat at home. After a few days, the pain is still lingering. This means the injury is serious enough to go see a professional.

3. Reoccurring Dull Pain

Does your knee ache towards the end of your run? Does your shoulder start to ache towards the end of the workday? There is probably an underlying issue that a Physiotherapist can help determine and treat. 

4. Balance and Coordination 

Having trouble keeping your balance? Is your coordination off? These could be signs of serious problems that could be treated by Physiotherapy. 

5. Chronic Fatigue

Not getting a proper rest a night? Chronic pain and discomfort can cause insomnia. Physiotherapy can help treat the pain and get you back to sleeping through the night.

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you do need Physiotherapy. Treatment is often covered by medical plans and at Form Body Lab we have flexible appointment times to accommodate your busy schedule. There’s no reason to live in pain anymore.

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