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Think you need a Dr.’s note to get a Physiotherapy appointment? False. You may be putting off treatment because of these common Physiotherapy myths. 

Myth #1: “I Need a Doctor’s Note”Physiotherapy Myths

You do not need a doctor’s note for Physiotherapy. Even if you are using a medical plan, most of the time you can be covered for your treatment without a doctor’s note, if you are unsure simply call your provider and they can tell you in a matter of minutes! With Physiotherapy you can get help quickly just by making an appointment which is so much nicer than sitting in boring and crowded walk-in waiting rooms. *Having said that, if you need emergency help, go to the hospital immediately or call 911 – Physiotherapy is NOT emergency care.  

Myth #2: No Pain, No Gain

Do you think physiotherapy needs to be painful to work? Wrong! Physiotherapy doesn’t have to hurt, and it can even be enjoyable. We promote enjoyable treatments to help end your pain. At Form Body Lab, our treatment rooms are designed to feel like a spa rather than a doctor’s office because we believe that the body heals so much faster and stronger when the mind is at rest and the client is at ease. 

Myth #3: You Need X-Rays or MRIs before You Start Treatment

Not all cases require X-Rays or MRI’s to start treatment; thorough assessment allows your physiotherapist to determine causes of pain in order to develop a treatment plan. In some more serious cases an X-Ray and/or MRI will be needed at which point, your physiotherapist will request you get this from your doctor. Working as a team is what we are all about at Form Body Lab so we will help you get the care you need, even if it is outside of our walls. We love collaborating so please feel free to bring in any doctor’s or surgeon’s notes, previous X-Rays or MRI’s. The more information we have, the better.  

Myth #4: Physiotherapy is just Exercises

Physiotherapy is much more than just directed exercises. It consists of techniques like soft tissue manipulation, acupuncture, release work and other techniques designed to treat the whole body. Learn more about Physiotherapy.

Myth #5: Physiotherapy is only for Athletes

Physiotherapy treats all types of pain and discomfort, not just from sports injuries. Common issues like back pain and joint issues stem from professions like nursing and sitting at a desk for long hours.

Physiotherapy Form Body Lab