The Juice Truck and Form Body Lab Challenge

Whether you’re heading to the next semester or your student days are long behind you, there’s always a sense of sadness when these past few sunny months draw to a close. After all, we’ve had a pretty beautiful season with plenty of sunshine and warm weather to keep us active and outdoors. Now heading into these cooler Fall months, the easy breezy days of summer can quickly seem like a distant memory.


For parents who now have to juggle kids, school, and work, let alone shorter days and rainy nights, it can be a stressful time ahead. And while our stress levels may increase, our motivation to stay active can easily plunge. Missing a class or skipping the gym to sit on the couch with a glass of wine can become a welcome habit that’s hard to break.

If this sounds familiar, than it’s time to change up your perception. Instead, look at Fall as a new beginning. Each season is a fresh start to begin a new challenge and take on the unknown with a sense of excitement. Plus, you can now bring out those cozy sweaters and scarves that are packed away in storage (because who doesn’t love Fall fashion!?).

So to start you off on the right foot, we’re partnering up with Vancouver’s beloved Juice Truck for the #transFORM Challenge! This simple yet effective challenge won’t wreak havoc on your routine, and offers simple goals that are easily achievable.



The #transFORM Challenge starts with the Juice Truck’s 3 Day Cleanse followed by one FORM Body Lab class 3 days a week for the month of October. This challenge is perfect for beginners or anyone who has a hectic schedule, as it offers a flexible class times that suit your needs. Mix it up each week to avoid boredom and give your body a whole new set of challenges. For example, Group Apparatus, Mat Pilates, and Pilates Flow one week, followed by Open Level Led Apparatus, Led Reformer/Chair Combo Class, and Yoga/Pilates Fusion the next.



The three-day juice cleanse is designed for the stressed-out, those who suffer from chronic inflammation, or have digestive issues. This will gently flush your system from all of summer’s indulgences and remove impurities, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

So, are you up for the #transFORM Challenge? Visit and enter the code FORMBODYLAB to receive 10% off your Juice Cleanse!

Be sure to tag @formbodylab on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #transFORM, and you’ll be entered to win a free 5 pack class of mat classes at the end of the Challenge!

Any questions? Contact us any time!