I know that Remembrance Day was a couple of weeks ago now, but this blog is still inspired by that day of reflection. Most of us know that a Pilates Reformer Vancouverman named Joseph Pilates created Pilates, however not many people know the reason why Joe created it in the first place. I always giggle to myself when I think about the stigma of Pilates just being fancy exercise for ballerinas and movie stars. Joe didn’t create Pilates for the rich and famous, or for dancers – he actually created Pilates during World War l to rehabilitate injured soldiers!

Joe created Pilates for rehabilitation, and guess what? That is what it’s really best for. Joseph Pilates was like the Einstein of movement therapy – he was a genius who was way ahead of his time. Sure, practicing Pilates gives us long lean muscles and has sculpted the bodies of many models and movie stars over the years, but the true magic of Pilates is how it can dramatically increase your quality of life.

When I first starting teaching Pilates I was excited about helping people become fit and healthy and to continue to teach movement (I come from a dance background and loved teaching dance technique) but what I didn’t expect from Pilates was the pretty major life changing affect this work could (and would) have on my clients.  It’s one thing to help someone get in shape – it’s a whole other to help someone prevent needing surgery that will fuse their cervical vertebrae, or help them stop shaking throughout their entire limbs, or eliminate debilitating pain, or stop peeing their pants every time they cough, laugh or sneeze! That’s life changing stuff and it is truly remarkable.

Once I saw this, my love of helping people through teaching movement went from a cool thing I did on the side to a full-on passion.  I could go on and on about how great this work really is and how fun it is to do, but if you’re curious about Pilates, the Pilates Reformer and the rest of the Pilates Apparatus, below are 5 reasons why you should bite the bullet and book yourself in for an introductory session right now!

  1. Like I was saying: it’s one of the best and longest standing forms of movement therapy and rehabilitation there is. Recognized by doctors and therapists around the world, it is often recommended as the preferred way to go about active rehabilitation.
  2. Compared to Mat Pilates or Yoga (both of which are great), using the Pilates Reformers gives us much more range in terms of the exercises we can teach you and the body parts we can target. We can really work specific muscles and retrain the way you move (often referred to as movement patterns or biomechanics) to heal your body and stop the patterns that cause injury.  Basically, there are specific exercises and protocols for almost every injury, mechanical dysfunction and problematic areas of the body.
  3. The Pilates Apparatus (Reformer, Chair & Cadillac) are all spring loaded for resistance so there are no jarring movements, which means you can exercise at any level of rehabilitation or fitness.
  4. The Pilates Reformer adds a lot of support for your body. This allows you to access your stabilizer muscles, and deep core more effectively because you don’t have to ‘cheat’ your way through exercises – meaning you get the very most out of your effort, time and money.
  5. It’s fun and challenging all at the same time! Pilates requires focus to execute the techniques properly, which keep the workouts from getting boring because there is always something new to perfect. Plus, there are so many exercises in the repertoire that you’ll always be learning something new!

Intro to Pilates Reformer Vancouver

At Form Body Lab, our passion is helping you feel your best and seeing you live the fullest life possible. If you have any questions at all we would be more than happy to answer them at any time. You can even book a consultation with me (Jessica) if you want more information. Just call us and ask to book a 15 minute consultation!

By: Jessica Slonski | Owner of Form Body Lab | Vancouver Pilates Instructor