Yenina (Yana) completed a two year program at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy in 2005. She has more than a decade of experience.

Her interest in massage started during her 10 years as a competitive ballroom dancer. She is very passionate about her work and constantly seeking new knowledge and exploring the human movement.

After 5 years working in London, UK she has decided to make Vancouver her home again. She gained a wealth of knowledge, and experience treating individuals of all athletic levels. Besides clinical experience Yenina treated professional performers including Fuerza Bruta group dancers from Argentina and New York.

Yenina is using Neurokinetic Therapy (NKT™), which can be used both as an assessment tool and as a rehabilitative technique to get to the root of muscular tightness and pain.

Yenina is a certified Stott Pilates instructor, and she can incorporate this knowledge to help you in your exercise and home care rehabilitation.