YogassageAbout Kelly

Kelly Donald is a Registered Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor and founder of Yogassage. As a varsity athlete and marathoner, Kelly learned the importance of taking care of her body. Her interest in massage and yoga was piqued while living in Thailand. Holding a degree in Kinesiology and being a member of the CSMTA (Canadian Sports Massage Therapy Association) Kelly understands the importance of staying active while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Yoga and massage has helped Kelly understand the importance of staying active while maintaining a balanced lifestyle. Yoga and massage has helped Kelly find happiness and balance in her life and her hope is to continue to share it with her clients and students. 

What is Yogassage?

Yogassage is a combination of Yoga and Massage in one session. This allows the combined efforts to be maximized and blissful. The concept of yoga and massage have been around since the beginning when yoga started. Yogassage is a new approach that allows students leaving the class feeling more energized, calm minded and with a decrease sense of tension built up in their bodies.

Yogassage is a 90 minute yin style of yoga where 6 students go through a floor series where they hold postures up to 5 minutes. With both a yoga instructor and massage therapist adjusting/massaging each student in every pose; the student is left there to breath in the goodness and breath out the tension. 

Yogassage Workshop:

If you are a Registered Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor; then you have the prerequesitions to be certified in Yogassage! Not only is the training great in bringing Yogassage to your community, it is a great opportunity to gain more confidence in your hands on adjustments and manipulations. 

You leave the training session with the ability to:

 • Be more confident with your hands on adjustments

• Instruct a Yogassage class / massage 

 • Improve your ergonomics to protect your body


Yogassage Workshop: April 10th 3pm-6pm & April 11th 930am-11am

Who: Yoga Instructors and Massage Therapist

 Cost: $100

 What: Certified in Yogassage

 Why: To start teaching Yogassage & increase your confidence with hands on adjustments.

Yogassage Class:

When: April 11th 12pm-1:30pm

Who: Open to the public! Max 6 students

 Cost: $50

 What: 90 minute Yogassage class

 Why: To Maximize your Happiness and Health!

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