This blog is dedicated to our Buti Sattvas and to those thinking of joining the Buti® Yoga tribe. We are so proud to announce that our fearless and everWannderlust Girls by pond
energetic Buti® leader, Karoline, has officially been named a Buti® Master Trainer and is soon to be spreading her knowledge across Europe in a Buti® Yoga teacher training tour! We know it comes as no surprise that she would be one of the first in the world to be named a master in this practice of ours, but we couldn’t resist giving a little shout out to our girl.

Now before you panic,  DON’T worry, we have a fabulous substitute to kick your Buti® butts while Karoline is away. We’d like to welcome Anita Cheung to our team and thank her for stepping into these big shoes! We look forward to your classes and can’t wait to get our sweat on again this week.

If you haven’t tried a Buti® Class in Vancouver yet, you can register here! …Bring a sweat towel and prepare to have a great time!

See you in class soon!