With the days getting warmer and longer, many of us can’t wait to spend post-work lounging at the beach, patio hopping, and dining al fresco. We know all too well what it’s like when your friends and weather are calling, giving you every excuse under the sun (literally!) to skip your workout. Thankfully, there’s a way to balance both fitness and fun: morning exercise.

good morning flow yoga classes
If you’re following @formbodylab, then you’ve probably seen the announcement of our brand new class, Good Morning Flow every Wednesday and Friday at 7am. The early wake-up call may have you cringing, but there are so many benefits to waking-up and working out.

  1. Jumpstart your Metabolism

Studies have shown that starting the day off with an early morning workout helps boost your metabolism, more so than other times of the day. If you stick to a regular morning exercise routine, you’ll likely see an increase in your lean muscle mass, which also helps burn more energy (aka calories).

  1. Better Focus Makes for a Better Workout

When you workout before heading to the office, you won’t have to deal with the distractions that often keep you at work, like emails, long meetings, and demanding deadlines. Getting an a.m. sweat means you can burn through the midnight oil without that voice in the back of your head nagging you to hit the gym– followed by guilt if you skipped a workout.

better focus makes for a better workout

  1. Boost Your Brain and Productivity

Not only does exercise release endorphins that improve your mood and energy levels, studies have shown that it also increases mental focus and alertness for up to 10 hours post-workout. Just what you’ll need for those extra-long meetings!

  1. Steer Clear of the Candy Drawer

An early morning sweat session has been shown to reduce your food cravings throughout the day. That way it’s easy to think more carrots, less candy.

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  1. Enjoy A Full Night’s Sleep

Working out in the morning will also help you sleep better at night. For some, exercise stimulates your body, so when you choose to work out late night, it tends to make it more difficult for your mind and body to fully relax and sleep restfully.

Convinced yet? If so, we can’t wait to see you at our new 7am class, GOOD MORNING FLOW on Wednesdays and Fridays! It’s the perfect way to awaken your body, #transFORM, and rejuvenate for the day ahead! REGISTER NOW.