Our Team - Shayne Shaw

Shayne Shaw

shayne is a registered physiotherapist, clinical pilates instructor, ski instructor and yoga teacher from blue mountain, ontario.

She completed her Master of Physical Therapy degree at the University of British Columbia, where she also earned a Bachelor of Kinesiology, minor in Psychology.

Her passion for movement, rehabilitation, and holistic health stems from an insatiable curiosity for the human body and mind, and she continues to seek opportunities to expand her clinical skillset through post-graduate education.

Shayne has taken additional courses in manual therapy, mindfulness-based stress reduction, temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction, hatha yoga, clinical management of fitness athletes, mat and reformer pilates, and will be completing her pelvic floor physiotherapy training in April 2020. Her unique treatment approach combines therapeutic exercise, motor control training, soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization, mindfulness, and education to create a well-rounded and effective rehabilitation experience for her clients. She looks forward to working with you to develop an evidence-based and realistic intervention that will optimize your body’s innate capacity to heal, and help you achieve your health goals!

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