• A Holistic Approach to Wellness

    Our physiotherapists, RMTs and Pilates instructors work together to create holistic wellness programs customized to your individual needs.

  • Offering Clinical Pilates

    Clinical Pilates is a 1:1 physiotherapy session focused on Pilates-based rehabilitation exercises.

  • Massage Therapy

    Rest. Relax. Recharge.

    Book an appointment with our team of registered massage therapists today!

Vancouver Pilates studio offering Pilates, Physiotherapy, Clinical Pilates and Massage


  • “I highly recommend this studio. I’m past retirement age and new to pilates. The studio is beautiful and so comfortable and non-intimidating. There are no pressure tactics or hard sell. Just incredibly qualified and talented practitioners. Having physio onsite is a distinct advantage. I’ve been working with Jane Osborne for about seven months and am astounded at the improvements we’ve achieved. I am stronger and more aligned, my posture and balance have improved dramatically, and I feel strong and confident. Fewer aches and pains. It’s easy to give this place a try.

    Norma D. – Vancouver
  • “As a software developer, I have the daily stress on my body due to long hours sitting at a desk. The physiotherapists at Form Body Lab have been amazing in helping me maintain health and cope with this stress and tension in my body, and have helped me with my posture and relieving my tight neck, shoulders, and upper back. They also helped me work through some injuries due to running and cycling that I recently experienced. I highly recommend the Physiotherapy services that are available at Form Body Lab.”

    Geoff P. – Vancouver
  • “Jessica’s knowledge and knowhow are second to none. I have worked with many Pilate’s instructors and none have the precision that she has. She has the ability to pinpoint specific weaknesses that are unique to your body and build your physicality, to not only rehab those weaknesses, but also build you a body that is form perfect. While rehabbing my very complicated injury she built me a body that I can be proud of. My posture is better, I am more aware of my body; I’m stronger all over and have longer, leaner looking muscles.”

    Anonymous – Vancouver
  • “Having practiced Pilates and yoga at a number of studios in Vancouver, I can honestly say that the quality of instruction and level of expertise I’ve experienced at Form Body Lab far exceeds any other.

    With small class sizes, experienced and passionate instructors, and a beautiful and calming environment, a visit to Form Body Lab is the perfect start, or end, to a busy day. I would recommend this gorgeous space as well as Jessica and her amazing staff to anyone.”

    Terrene – Vancouver
  • “I was referred to Jessica after several years of chronic pain. I was off work and my body was just not cooperating. Jessica created a pilates program for me that got me back to work and feeling better than ever! She looked at me as a whole person and worked on my specific weaknesses and imbalances, tailoring every weeks exercises and program to what was going on in my body. It often changed and Jessica easily adapted the exercises she gave me so that I continued to make progress. It was challenging but she made it fun and the hour would always fly by!  She was a great teacher too, she broke things down so I would understand the movement and how it felt. She taught me a huge amount of body awareness which helped me to stay active even on the bad days. After years of seeing other health professionals for chronic pain, it was Jessica’s expert knowledge, kindness and patience that got me back to work and out into the world of hiking, biking, playing sports and being active again. If you have pain, give pilates and Form Body Lab a try!

    Gloria – Vancouver
  • “I started Pilates with Jessica many years ago. I found Pilates to be a perfect balance between strength and stretch; work and Zen. I am a fairly avid runner and Pilates has been great for my running form which has resulted in less pain in my body and also faster running times! The biggest difference for me though has been in my day-to-day body awareness. I work at a desk for long hours, like so many people. After starting Pilates, I began to notice how I was sitting at work and I would correct my posture, little by little. Again, the result has been an overall better feeling in my body; back, neck and shoulders especially. The instructors that I’ve worked with at Form have always been fantastic. I love the class sizes and the amount of instruction that is provided is a really unique thing about this studio.”

    Lisa – Vancouver





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