Christina Sicoli

Christina Sicoli | Pilates Instructor

Christina is a Certified Pilates Instructor from the Physicalmind Institute. She holds certifications in Pilates (mat+standing) and with the MISFITMETHOD, which is a movement experience inspired by the transformative nature of dance, pilates, yoga, and breath. With her versatile background in the Performing Arts and movement, Christina applies her skills to create a class that encourages playfulness, creative expression, and correct and safe movement sequences. She values the unique characteristics of each individual and is in constant observation of how we explore our individual shapes through space.

Christina’s personal experiences with various physical activities have inspired her to delve deeper into the detail-oriented practice of Pilates. She believes in the process and progress of learning and encourages her students to let go of expectations and move with curiosity and discovery to achieve their goals. She challenges herself and others with ease in a positive setting, advocating for a healthy mind and body connection.

With a focus on group and private sessions, Christina is grateful to play on the mat, never taking for granted the ability to move and lift others to their fullest potential.

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