add an rmt to your workout regime

add an rmt to your workout regimeBodily soreness may be more than the aftereffect of a good workout. Your muscles may be sore as a result of muscular tension and fatigue. No matter how fit and rock hard a muscle may be when flexed, it should be able to become flaccid at rest. Hypertonicity (exhibiting excessive tone or tension) of your muscles may seem like what you want but it isn’t actually a good thing if your muscles are unable to relax. All muscles, no matter how strong, still need rest. Lack of muscular rest leads to hyper tonicity, which creates excessive tension and can also create “knots”. “Knots” are muscle fibers that, due to muscle fatigue, have formed a tangled, hardened bunch. These knots or areas of hyper tonicity can cause pain and decreased mobility.

This is where an RMT or Registered Massage Therapist comes in. BC RMT’s have undertaken a minimum of 2500 and up to 3000 hours of clinical schooling before then passing a rigorous set of written and practical exams to finally be awarded the designation of Registered Massage Therapist. An RMT has specific training to deal with everything from hypertonicity to sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents and complicated health conditions to headaches, jaw pain and stress reduction.

The requirements to be an RMT are different across the provinces of Canada as well as from country to country so be sure to know what you are looking for out of your massage experience and match that with the type of body worker you find. Massage therapy is a college regulated health profession in only 3 Canadian Provinces: BC, Newfoundland and Ontario. There are, of course, fantastic healing body workers of all different kinds but if you are looking for RMT massage it is important to be aware of what that entails where you are. Here in BC it will always mean that the person has completed the above requirements.

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