benefits of regular massage therapy

Regular massage therapy can reduce muscle recovery time and increase your range of motion and flexibility. Reducing soft tissues such as muscles, fascia, benefits of regular massage therapyligaments and tendons through massage may allow for greater freedom of movement.

Massage therapy also increases circulation, which in turn flushes your body of toxins including the metabolic wastes that are a byproduct of resistance training. Essentially massage may act like a cleanse for your circulatory system, power washing away impurities and likely leaving you feeling refreshed and supple.

Regular Massage therapy has also been indicated to lower heart rate and blood pressure, increase lymphatic flow, increase endorphins and decrease stress.

When it comes to picking a specific RMT there are a number of factors to consider. The main factor being, how comfortable you are with the individual therapist. This may require that you meet your therapist through an initial visit before you know if this is the right person for you but most RMT’s have websites attached to their places of business where you can generally see a photo and read their bio. This bio will outline their approach and will usually explain a bit about them as an individual as well as highlight any further training they have taken. As all BC RMT’s have had similar basic training there is really no right or wrong in choosing which therapist you feel most comfortable with. The choice will really come down to your specific needs and the rapport you feel with the therapist upon your first visit.

See our post here about the training requirements our RMT’s have.

Currently Form Body Lab is offering a discount to all expecting mother’s of 15% off your first Pregnancy Massage (or when you refer a friend!) for the month of October!

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