How Does Physiotherapy Help?

Physiotherapy has many different techniques to help treat your pain and injuries. As a whole body approach, Physiotherapists use a combination of methods to provide the best treatment for you. Here’s an in-depth look at what some of those methods are and how they can help.

Directed ExercisesHow Does Physiotherapy Help?

Exercises directed by your Physiotherapist benefit your whole body by strengthening affected areas. These exercises need to be performed regularly, which promotes the strengthening of the muscles. Stretching relieves tightness that causes pain and dysfunction. Exercises can also prevent injuries in healthy patients. This technique can provide relief of musculoskeletal pain, shortened recovery time from acute back sprains, and increase of range of motion.

Joint Mobilization

The joints provide a connection between the bones. When the joints become inflamed, it can cause mild to serious pain. The benefit of joint mobilization is it helps to give the joints proper space and ease to move, which relieves pain and swelling. Exercises can also trigger the production of synovial fluid, which lubricates the joints as eases inflammation. 

Soft Tissue Manipulation

Physiotherapists may incorporate massage techniques into their treatment. Benefits of massage include increased blood circulation, drained fluid from the body, improved movement, and pain relief due to less muscle tension. The physical manipulation of the tissue and muscles encourages blood flow and lymph drainage. Improved circulation increases oxygen and nutrients to the cells, which allow the muscles to heal quicker. The nervous system reacts involuntarily to hands on manipulation like massage and helps relax the body and muscles.


Education is an important part of physiotherapy. Often, we are hurting ourselves with our own behaviour. Poor posture is a common cause of back and neck pain. Physiotherapists educate their clients on lifestyle changes like posture, incorrect sport techniques, and weight management to increase the healing benefits of physiotherapy.

 Physiotherapy restores proper functionality to the body. There are many benefits to physiotherapy from pain relief to increased mobility. Learn more about physiotherapy.


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