Suzanne Hepburn began teaching Pilates over 15 years ago and is a certified life coach.

Coming from a dance background, Suzanne was inspired to begin teaching Pilates after discovering the remarkable rehabilitative effects Pilates had for her own recovery. Since then, Suzanne has worked with a myriad of clients, ranging from elite athletes to those recovering from various neurological disorders. Bringing skill, creativity and compassion to her teaching, Suzanne holds certifications in Mat, Apparatus, Pre + Postnatal Pilates, Standing Pilates (both Mat and Apparatus) and Physiotherapy Protocols for Pilates.

Having trained other Pilates instructors in B.C., Saskatchewan and the Yukon, plus a background as an acting coach, Suzanne is also a certified CTI life coach. With her extensive and varied experience, Suzanne focuses on both the physical and emotional body in a way that fosters meaningful transformations.